Role: Director

About: WET is a comedy about women, sex, and porn. Written by Grace Carroll and Bryony Cole, it focusses on the story of two friends, Sophie and Holly, who decide to write a porn film in order to satisfy their sexual needs. Along the way, however, we understand the porn is only a means for them to reveal their true (sexual) identity.

Cast: Tessa Stephenson, Nastassia Firestone, Amélie Onzon, Shane Redondo, Errol McCabe, Hiske Bongaarts


One important aspect that made this a brilliant play for me was the scenography. The lights, in particular, set the entire mood for the play. Adding to that was the surprise of having live music as a background for some of the scenes — provided by the wonderful voice of Hiske Bongaarts, who’s also playing the female Porn Star. Last but definitely not least, I think choosing Cíntia as a director was the next best thing the producers did after writing the play.” [by Amsterdamian — read the full review here]


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