House of Femmes | Fashion Film | 2019

Role: Writer & Director

About: House of Femmes is a fashion film that questions the meaning of womanhood. It features real individuals who identified themselves as women engaged in real-life conversations.

Starring: Ayse, Chanani Campbell, Liane Naomi Simon, Lina Ozolina, Mateo Arango Kooijman, and Venus Chung

Cinematography: Clint Davis | Production: Kristine Trofimova & Cíntia Taylor | Sound Design & Music: Vinnie Goyal | Edit: Giovanni Zaccari & Mexx de Meeuw (Dropout Productions) | Makeup: Bonne Hoekstra |Styling: Kristine Trofimova & Linda Diepgrond | Colour Grading: Luke Osbourne