These are the loglines to some of the short scripts I have been working on and that still need a producer and/or a director.

All scripts are written in English.

The wish-list and mood-board are reference points only to provide a clearer idea of the writing style.

In all of the scripts, there’s a combo of INT/EXT. The number of locations can be easily reduced for budgeting and production purposes.

Wednesdays at One

A woman and a man meet every Wednesday at one in a hotel, but when he wants a bigger connection she gets scared and runs away. Will she come back and take a chance?

10min | Drama

Looking for producer & director

The Blue Ballad of Dawn

On NYE,  Sophie takes the decision to leave her bad relationship and invest more in her happiness, but when faced with a lonely, cold bed at night, she wonders whether she can handle being single and alone and must decide whether to go back to her old ways.

7 min | Drama

Looking for producer & director

Play it Again, Sam

Sam requested to be euthanized when faced with severe dementia, but when his family and doctors agree the time has come, Sam relives his life with his late wife and experiences a one last moment of consciousness. He decides he’s not ready go, but who will believe him now?

8 min | Drama

Looking for producer & director

Forgetting George and Nancy

George and Nancy are two elderly suffering from dementia, who keep falling in love with each all over again, day after day, without realizing the bigger bond that unites them.

10 min | Rom-Com

Looking for producer and director

Day 14

Cancer-stricken Alice takes her children on a special last day of fun before saying goodbye to them.

20 min | Drama

Looking for producer & director